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Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced Beginner Textile art quilts are the perfect project! It feeds...See Class

Kwik Sew Patterns Now Available!

Findlay's Vacuum and Sewing in Orchard Plaza is the new Kelowna distributor for Kwik Sew patterns! Go to Kwik Sew for your choice in patterns and Contact us to place your order.

Quilting For Charity

Quiling For Charity

Quilts Completed in Time for the Holidays for Inn From the Cold!

Another successful year for our Findlay's in Orchard Plaza's Q.F.C. Group. Our special group of compassionate quilters just completed (with a couple for spares) a personal quilt for under the Christmas Tree, for each resident in the new Inn From the Cold Resident Housing Unit! They only started making these quilts the end of September! Great job ladies! Coordinator for Inn From the Cold See Full Article

40 Super-Bright LED Natural Light Lamp, Silver Finish


More new usage for the DEL720 LED lamps Plug Your LED lamps (Item #: DEL720) into your Portable Battery or Car's Cigarette Lighter Outlet

Few days ago, we received phone calls from our customers in B.C. telling us that they felt so fortunate to have their LED lamps (Model #: DEL720) at home during the two days power interruptions because of the stormy weather. They told us that they are the only one who still had lamps to read or to have their "cold meals" during the two days power interruption. What they did is to plug their LED Lamp into a portable battery and the LED lamp keeps on running for two days (actually, if people got a huge battery, it may run for many days) because it only consumes 5 Watts of Power even though it has 40 LED light bulbs. If they plug in a regular lamp, the battery will be drained out within few hours. They would like us to pass the information out and share it with all our customers because lots of our customers may not know this LED lamp can run on battery. They know it because they always took this LED lamp to their cabin andcampsite where there is no household electricity supply.

Actually, this LED lamp is running on 12V DC and the included transformer just converts from the AC coming out from our household input plug to 12V DC - that's why it can run on a battery. If you have a connector (see picture below, my connector comes from my Portable DVD player or some comes with the portable battery) that can plug into your car's cigarette lighter outlet, you can plug this lamp into your car's cigarette lighter outlet or any portable battery that gives out 12V DC. How can you do it? You just disconnect the transformer and connect it with the connector that can plug it into your car's cigarette lighter outlet or any portable battery that gives out 12V DC. If you do not have a connector, you can buy a portable battery that has a 120V household input plug (i.e. the UPS -universial power supply for your sewing machine or computer) at any hardware store or office supplies stores.