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Monday, Aug 3, 2015

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Kwik Sew Patterns Now Available!

Findlay's Vacuum and Sewing in Orchard Plaza is the new Kelowna distributor for Kwik Sew patterns! Go to Kwik Sew for your choice in patterns and Contact us to place your order.

Quilting For Charity

Quiling For Charity

Quilts Completed in Time for the Holidays for Inn From the Cold!

Another successful year for our Findlay's in Orchard Plaza's Q.F.C. Group. Our special group of compassionate quilters just completed (with a couple for spares) a personal quilt for under the Christmas Tree, for each resident in the new Inn From the Cold Resident Housing Unit! They only started making these quilts the end of September! Great job ladies! Coordinator for Inn From the Cold See Full Article

Notions - Irons & Presses Page 1

  • picture of Elnapress Alize

    Elnapress Alize (elnaalize)

    The Alize is a smaller Elnapress model, at a lower price, still providing all the benefits of using an Elnapress instead of a hand iron at an affordable price.Stylishly designed to grace any home, it is made from only best materials ensuring both efficiency and durability.

  • picture of Elnapress Opal

    Elnapress Opal (elanopal)

    The Elnapress Opal will literally cut your ironing time in half an take the drudgery out of ironing. With its large heating shoe (62 x 25 cm ) and 45 kilos (100 pounds) of automatic pressure, the Elnapress Opal can iron a shirt in under one minute and press through three to four layers in one go.

  • picture of Handi Iron

    Handi Iron (handiiron)

    Lightweight (only 10 ounces) but powerful (240W)
    Great to take it with you to classes or while traveling - Works worldwide: 110V to 240V.
    Use it for applique and piecework, or anywhere that that you need a small compact iron.
    Sole has a non-stick surface with no steam vents.
    Quickly folds up for easy storage and travel.
    Converts to a hotplate/heated pallet for all different kinds of uses Package it with the Express Mat & you are all set!

  • picture of Velocity 100

    Velocity 100 (velocity100)

    1. Allows you to bypass the 8-Minute auto shut-off, so there's steam when you need it.
    2. With 1800W heating element, it will heat the iron up faster and maintain its temperature over extended use.
    3. Bigger water capacity, 1.8 cups - 430ml

  • picture of Velocity V50

    Velocity V50 (velocityv50)

    Reliable Iron recommended by Oprah Winfrey & her team
    V50 - 1800W Digital Velocity Vapor Generator/Iron with \"By-Pass of the 8-minute auto shut-off\" function

  • picture of Mighty Travel Iron

    Mighty Travel Iron (traveliron)

    Great for Travel & Class