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Quilting For Charity

Quiling For Charity

Quilts Completed in Time for the Holidays for Inn From the Cold!

Another successful year for our Findlay's in Orchard Plaza's Q.F.C. Group. Our special group of compassionate quilters just completed (with a couple for spares) a personal quilt for under the Christmas Tree, for each resident in the new Inn From the Cold Resident Housing Unit! They only started making these quilts the end of September! Great job ladies! Coordinator for Inn From the Cold See Full Article

Sewing Machine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers

  • Q: My Sewing Machine has jammed what should I do?

    A: A jammed machine is usually caused by either the thread coming out of, or not being placed into, the take up lever when threading the machine. This will cause all of the thread to "bird nest" under your fabric. Remove your upper thread and your bobbin case, turn the hand wheel backward & forward by hand to remove any thread that may have gotten stuck in the bobbin case area. Re: thread your machine according to manufactures directions.

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  • Q: My machine is skipping stitches

    A: Skipped stitches are usually caused by either a dull needle, a poor quality needle or the wrong needle for the job. (Check out our needle section for more information on sewing machine needles)! Also, be sure that your needle is inserted into your machine the correct way. If the bobbin is in the front of your machine the needle should be placed into the holder with the flat side to the back. If your bobbin goes in from the side of your machine the flat part of the needle should be facing the inside of your machine.

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  • Q: My sewing machine much noisier than usual

    A: Take out your bobbin case and clean out the race area with a clean Q-tip or brush. Then put a bit of sewing machine oil onto another clean Q-tip and wipe around the race area before placing your bobbin case back in. Also, be sure you have an appropriate good quality needle for the job. (Check out our needle section for more information on sewing machine needles)!

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  • Q: My Needle keeps breaking

    A: Needle breakage is usually caused by a damaged needle or one that is the incorrect size for the fabric. (Check out our needle section for more information on sewing machine needles)! Remove and reinsert a new needle, making sure that the flat side goes toward the back of the machine. Make sure the needle size is appropriate for the fabric. Also, check the attachment of the presser foot to see that the needle is not striking it.

    Always be sure to have your sewing machine or serger serviced every 2 years to keep it running in peak performance.

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  • Q: My machine will not sew over thick denim seams

    A: Skipped stitches and broken needles can happen when stitching over the thick flat-fell seams of jeans. This occurs when the presser foot is not level enough to provide traction for the feed dogs. A little gadget called a Jean-a-ma-jig™ by Dritz® or the Hump Jumper® fits all machines and will level the foot for smooth continuous stitching.

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